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Procurement and Disbursement Guidelines

Bulletin Number: A-487
Date Issued: 7/2/2001 Date Last Updated: 8/19/2010
Bulletin Name: New General Checking Account

To inform agencies of the transition of New York State’s General Checking Account from Bank of America to Key Bank, N.A. effective 09/01/10 and the procedural changes resulting from this conversion.

The General Checking Account is jointly administered by the Office of the State Comptroller and the Department of Taxation and Finance.


(for ACH transactions):

On or after September 1, 2010, agencies are required to use the following instructions when transferring funds into the State’s General Checking Account at Key Bank, N.A. via the Automated Clearing House (ACH) network:

UPIC/Account Number:                        


UPIC Transit/Routing Number:             


Account Name:                                  

New York State General Checking Account


Agency Code, Description including fund/subfund, Area Code and Phone Number of agency contact

All funds of New York State must be accounted for in a timely and accurate manner. To facilitate this process, an agency phone number (including Area Code) must be included in the addendum record of all ACH transactions.

To facilitate the timely recording of electronic transfers through the Automated Clearing House (ACH), it is essential that a Report of Moneys Received (AC909) be prepared immediately after the ACH transfer request is made. The AC909 should clearly indicate that the remittance is being sent by ACH transfer and should include the originating bank and amount for each transfer. The AC909 should be delivered or faxed on or before the effective date of the ACH transfer to both OSC's Revenue Processing Section (473-6836) and the Division of the Treasury (486-9828).


Replacement of Lost Checks:

Payroll checks issued prior to 09/01/10 and vendor checks issued prior to 08/30/10 will be from the Bank of America Account.

Payroll checks issued on or after 09/01/10 and vendor checks issued on or after 08/30/10 will be from the Key Bank N.A. account. The procedure will not change for replacing checks issued from the new Key Bank N.A. account.

The REPLACEMENT OF CHECKS procedure remains in effect for checks issued from the Key Bank, N.A. or Bank of America account.  Please refer to the New York State Accounting System User Procedure Manual, Volume XI Controls and Special Procedures, Section 7.0100 for more information about this topic.

Direct Deposit:

Agencies should encourage payees to participate in the electronic payment options offered by OSC. These direct payments to a recipient's bank account are timely and reliable; they eliminate the potential adverse impact of a lost check.

  • Under separate cover, agency Payroll Offices are receiving information and OSC's request to encourage employees to sign up for Payroll Direct Deposit.
Vendors and other non-employee payees should be directed to the Comptroller's web site for information about OSC's Electronic Payments program.
Federal Grant Draw Requirements:

State agencies processing their own draw down of Federal funds via ACH transfer will be required to complete appropriate bank account forms to be filed with each Federal agency from which Federal funds are drawn so that payments from the US Treasury can be directed to our new account. If you are not sure what forms to file, contact Mike Affinito at (518) 486-1241 or Laura Mattiske at (518) 486-1242.

Since the US Treasury requires the joint custodians of the General Checking Account to also sign these forms, all forms must be delivered to Mike Affinito, Office of the State Comptroller, 110 State St, 9th Floor, General Ledger Section, Albany, NY 12236 as soon as possible. OSC will coordinate having the signatures of the State Comptroller and the Commissioner of Taxation and Finance affixed to the forms and forward them to Key Bank N.A. to be completed. Do not send any forms directly to Federal agencies.



Electronic Funds Transfer,
Account Number,
ABA Number, OR Wiring Instructions

Gary Harper
OSC Division of Investment & Cash Management
(518) 486-4642

  Replacing a Lost Check

Jack Nardacci
Taxation and Finance, Division of the Treasury
(518) 486-1268

  Federal Grant Draw Requirements

Mike Affinito
OSC Bureau of State Accounting Operations
Federal Grant Payment Management Unit
(518) 486-1241

  General Questions

Peter Clark
OSC Bureau of State Accounting Operations
(518) 474-4006

Bill McCormick
OSC Bureau of State Accounting Operations
(518) 474-4018