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New York State Accounting System User Procedures Manual

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Advance Accounts - Reimbursement


All cash advance accounts must only be reimbursed for appropriate, allowable and documented State expenses.

Batch types VRN and VRT are to be used for all cash advance reimbursement vouchers.

  • Travel (VRT) and non-travel (VRN) reimbursements must be batched separately regardless of whether advances are consolidated into one account.
  • Use of batch types VRN and VRT for all other types of voucher payments is discouraged.

Reimbursements to cash advance accounts are required at least once a month and made electronically after Special Charge Vouchers are audited and released for payment.

Salary advances will continue to be recouped using the procedures outlined in Volume XI - Controls and Special Procedures, Section 4.0310.



ALL reimbursements will be made by electronic means directly to the agency's cash advance bank account.

Information from Electronic Payment Authorization forms is entered into the CAS Payee Name and Address (PNA) file under the three-position advance account number and five-position Agency Code used in the subledger code.

Agencies are required to prepare the reimbursement voucher, but leave the Route Code field blank . Agencies should enter the three-digit advance account number in the Payee ID on reimbursement vouchers.

  • Note:  The Payee ID for advance accounts can be keyed into the CAS as a three-digit number using only the last three positions of the advance account's subledger code OR as a nine-digit number using six leading zeroes followed by the last three positions of the advance account's subledger code.

CAS voucher processing will automatically enter the Originating Agency Code from VRT and VRN batches into the Payee ID Additional field of vouchers reimbursing advance accounts.  This will result in a PNA lookup that will match the Payee ID and Originating Agency Code of the reimbursement voucher to the PNA file. If a match is found, the bank information will be used to make the reimbursement electronically.  If no match is found, the voucher will not process until OSC receives the advance account's bank information on an Electronic Payments Authorization form and enters it into the PNA file or until the batch Originating Agency Code and/or Payee ID is changed to match the three-position advance account number and five-position Agency Code used in the subledger code.

Important points:

  • Agencies will not be required to key the Payee Name and Address for cash advance reimbursements.  A lookup will be done to automatically supply this information. 
  • Agencies should make certain that advance account subledgers are associated with the agency that originates the Special Charge Voucher. Payments will be made to advance accounts based on the Payee ID and Originating Agency Code on the Special Charge Voucher.
  • A warning message that displays the subledger being reimbursed will print on the Batch Control List (BCL) so agencies can verify that the correct Payee ID and Originating Agency Code were used.
  • The electronic payment of cash advance reimbursements will only apply to payment transactions in VRT and VRN batches with a Payee ID equal to a cash advance account number (i.e. less than or equal to 000000999).


To register bank account(s) for OSC to make direct deposits, fill out the Electronic Payments Enrollment Form.

Part 1 of this form must be completed by the custodian of the cash advance account.

Part 2 of this form is the Financial Institution Certification. A representative of the financial institution holding the advance account must complete Part 2 and forward the form to the address shown at the bottom of the Electronic Payment Enrollment Form.

For internal control purposes, the completed original enrollment form must be sent to OSC by the Financial Institution. Forms sent from any other source will be rejected.

If bank account information for an advance account changes, a new Electronic Payments Authorization Form must be submitted to OSC through your financial institution to the following address:

NYS Office of the State Comptroller

Bureau of Accounting Operations - Revenue Processing Section

110 State St. - 9th Floor

Albany, NY 12236



OSC strongly encourages agencies to elect e-mail notification of electronic payments because e-mail notification

  • Gives an agency advance notification of the deposit.
  • Provides a link to OSC’s secure payment remittance web site.

The web site

  • Provides remittance information for electronic payments (and checks).
  • Requires a 14-digit Payee ID number consisting of six leading zeroes, the three-digit advance account code, and the five-digit agency code that the subledger is associated with to get information on electronic cash advance reimbursements.
  • Provides information on prior electronic payments to the advance account if the 14-digit Payee ID number of the advance account and a valid electronic payment trace number are entered.
  • Can also be accessed directly at the following address:

    Elect e-mail on the initial Electronic Payments Enrollment Form by entering the Agency’s e-mail address in the designated area.

Elect the e-mail option or change the e-mail address after the initial Electronic Payments Enrollment Form has been submitted by sending a message that includes your Payee Name (Agency and advance account name) and Payee ID (three-digit advance account number) from the new e-mail address to the following e-mail address:

If e-mail notification is not elected, the agency needs to arrange for notification with its financial institution.


Direct questions regarding cash advance account reimbursements to:

Manager or Assistant Manager, Revenue Processing and State Receivables at (518) 474-4018.