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New York State Accounting System User Procedures Manual

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Accounting for Federal Grants - Overview


Purpose and Scope

     The purpose of this section is to explain terminology, policies and procedures used in connection with Federal grant accounting, drawdowns and reporting. The policies and procedures that follow:

  • provide guidance and establish policies relating to special accounting and reporting procedures for federally financed domestic assistance programs,
  • apply to all State departments and agencies receiving Federal grant funds, and
  • are NOT intended to replace Federal rules, regulations or laws that relate specifically to the program terms under which the grants were awarded to the government unit.

    As revisions to Federal grant accounting procedures or updates in general information relating to Federal grants become necessary, they will be communicated in the Office of the State Comptroller Accounting Bulletins and/or by the Division of the Budget.

Accounting For Federal Grants

     The record keeping for individual grants is designed to conform with the provisions of the related grant agreement, the Federal Single Audit Act, the Federal Cash Management Improvement Act and Federal uniform administrative grant requirements. The importance and necessity for State agency adherence to the procedures that follow allow New York State to demonstrate that grant funds are properly accounted for, cash managed and periodic reports are provided to Federal cognizant agencies pursuant to Federal statutes.

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