Advisory Number: 10
Date Issued: 08/01/2012 Date Last Updated: 11/06/2012
Advisory Name:

“A” Handling Code and Separate Payment Box

Subject: Handling Code “A” and “Separate Payment” Box


This advisory is intended to notify Business Units to check the “Separate Payment” box in the Payment Options section of a voucher when using the “A” handling code, consistent with GFO Section XII.5.M.  Checking the “Separate Payment” box ensures the check will not be combined with payments made by other Business Units processed that day to the same vendor.

Effective immediately, OSC will reject all vouchers with an “A” handling code that do not have the “Separate Payment” box checked. However, OSC will not reject vouchers for Bulk load Business Units that are unable to check the “Separate Payment” box.