Advisory Number: 12
Date Issued: 08/10/2012 Date Last Updated: 08/10/2012
Advisory Name: Citibank Account Numbers in Invoice Field

Subject: Business Units must not include letters, special characters (e.g., #,-) or spaces in the invoice field of vouchers payable to Citibank

Guidance: Citibank reports that it continues to receive Business Units’ payments with data in the invoice field that does not conform to the requirements outlined in the Guide to Financial Operations (GFO).  As a result, we have clarified Citibank’s requirements in CGO Chapter XII Sections 6.Q.1, 6.Q.2 and 6.Q.3 with the following added information.

In order to help Citibank apply credit card payments properly, Business Units must enter the full billing account number followed by the two digit month and the two digit year in the invoice field of a voucher.  There should not be any letters, special characters (e.g., #,-) or spaces before, within or after the account number.  Failing to use this format in the invoice field results in delayed payment crediting and may result in Card deactivation.