Advisory Number: 13
Date Issued: 08/14/2012 Date Last Updated: 08/14/2012
Advisory Name: Voucher Matching Process is Required in SFS

Subject: Disabling Voucher Matching

It has come to our attention that several agencies have disabled or "turned off" the matching option on many POs/vouchers created in SFS. Agencies are instructed that failure to utilize voucher matching is unacceptable and that this practice must stop immediately. The voucher matching process provides important controls including:

  • Prevention of duplicate payments and overpayments;
  • Validation that goods received match goods ordered;
  • Validation that expenditures do not exceed contract amounts; and
  • Assurance that total expenditure against a PO does not go over the total encumbrance.

Agencies that encounter difficulty in processing vouchers should contact the SFS Help Desk for assistance: phone 518-457-7737 (toll-free 877-737-4185), e-mail helpdesk@sfs.ny.gov.

OSC will continue monitoring to ensure compliance with best practices and to assist agencies with business-specific needs.