Advisory Number: 15
Date Issued: 09/07/2012 Date Last Updated: 09/07/2012
Advisory Name: Voucher Authorizers


Voucher Authorizers


This advisory is intended to remind Business Units that individuals certifying/approving vouchers to OSC using SFS must also be designated and recorded in OSC’s Contact Database as a “State Agency – Voucher Authorizer”. 

Prior to SFS, agencies filed an AC852 with OSC containing the designated individuals authorized to sign vouchers and their original signatures. With the implementation of SFS, the AC852 should no longer be sent to OSC.  Instead, the designated individuals must be recorded in OSC’s Contract Database. To support these designations the Business unit must maintain, at a minimum, the original signatures of the Voucher Authorizer and department head or authorizing designee approving those individuals.

For more information on Voucher Authorizers, see GFO Section XII.4.B.

For instructions on how to designate someone as a Voucher Authorizer in OSC’s Contact Database, see GFO Section XII.4.C.

Since April 12, 2012 OSC has worked with Business Units to correct noncompliance with these requirements.  Beginning September 12, 2012 OSC will reject all vouchers that are not certified/approved by a designated Voucher Authorizer.