Advisory Number: 8
Date Issued: 07/17/2012 Date Last Updated: 07/17/2012
Advisory Name: One Invoice Per Voucher

Subject: Paying for One Invoice on a Voucher


This advisory is intended to remind Business Units to pay for one invoice for each voucher processed in the SFS, consistent with GFO Section XII.5.B. Combining invoice numbers in the invoice number field on a voucher may cause the following problems:

  • SFS will not automatically prevent the payment of duplicate invoices.
  • Vendors may not accurately credit the Business Unit for the payment.
  • Vendors may not see an accurate accounting of invoices and payments on e-Supplier.
  • Vendors are not able to seamlessly download the payment information to match up on invoice number within their systems.
  • Agencies may have difficulty identifying overpayment of a single invoice to a vendor. 

Effective immediately, OSC will reject all vouchers that include more than one invoice.