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Office of Operations
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Advisory Number: 1
Advisory Name: Regarding the Correct Use of Audit Types and PO Types
Date Issued: 05/17/2012 Date Last Updated: 05/17/2012
Selecting the Correct Audit Type or PO Type for a Transaction in the Statewide Financial System

Every contract or amendment transaction processed in the SFS must have an Audit Type and every Purchase Order must have a PO Type.  The SFS uses the Audit Type/PO Type to determine whether the transaction is routed to OSC for prior approval.  For any transaction routed to OSC, the Audit Type/PO type also determines which audit team in OSC’s Bureau of Contracts (BOC) the transaction will be directed to.

It is the agency’s responsibility to make a determination (based on factors such as dollar amount) whether the transaction is subject to prior approval by OSC, and to then select the appropriate Audit Type/PO Type.   

Entering the incorrect Audit Type or PO Type for a transaction can cause the transaction to be routed incorrectly, and may result in the agency failing to submit a transaction to OSC as required.  Agencies should consult the SFS Job Aids for Audit Type and PO Type for valid values and descriptions for each field.  For contracts or amendments, use only those choices shown on the Audit Type Job Aid.  Do not use any value that is not on the Audit Type Job Aid.  For Purchase Orders, use only those choices shown on the PO Type Job Aid; do not use any value unless it is shown on the PO Type Job Aid.

Guide to Financial Operations, Chapter XI, Section 2A and Section 3;  SFS Job Aids # JAA-PO000-008 and # JAA-PO000-009

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