Advisory Number: 6
Date Issued:


Date Last Updated: 08/13/2012
Advisory Name: Correcting Vendor ID on a Contract

Subject: The Vendor ID associated to a contract record in the Statewide Financial System (SFS) can only be changed when the original contract (sequence 0) is in the Open status.  The Vendor ID cannot be changed once the transaction has been submitted to OSC for approval (or approved by the agency if OSC approval is not required). 


An agency must take action when it discovers that a contract is associated with the incorrect Vendor ID.  Use the attached chart: “What To Do When An Incorrect Vendor ID Has Been Used For A Contract” to determine what specific steps to take. In ALL cases, ensure that a Vendor ID exists for the correct vendor, or follow procedures provided in the Guide to Financial Operations Chapter X for requesting a Vendor ID. Please note the required procedures differ based on the status of the contract, whether payments were issued under the wrong Vendor ID, and if the contract is a converted contract.  An agency should contact the SFS HelpDesk in the event of unusual circumstances or if the agency has specific concerns not addressed in these guidelines.

References: Guide to Financial Operations Chapter X, Guide to Vendor/Customer Management and Chapter XI, Procurement and Contract Management