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Updating Business Unit Certifiers


The Office of the State Comptroller’s (OSC) Bureau of State Expenditures (Bureau) maintains Business Unit contact information for various audit purposes. The Bureau requires all Business Units to certify contact information quarterly and requires updates to contact information within two weeks of a contact changing.


In addition, in accordance with State Finance Law Section 110, department heads are required to certify or approve vouchers for submission to the Comptroller for audit. The department head may also designate such authority.

Process and Document Preparation:



Business Units can certify and update contact information through the OSC Online Contact System. The following chart lists the types of contacts maintained by the Bureau:


Contact Type Contact Description Required
State Agency - Head of Business Unit

Responsible for the operations of a Business Unit.

Ex. Commissioner, Chancellor, Executive Director

State Agency - Head of

Responsible for the operations of a facility, or campus within a Business Unit.


Ex. President of a campus, Superintendent of a prison, Executive Director of a psychiatric center

For Business Units with these structures
State Agency - Deputy for Administration Responsible for the administrative functions of a Business Unit, facility, or campus. Yes
State Agency - Fiscal Officer Responsible for the procurement and business office functions of a Business Unit, facility, or campus. Yes
State Agency - Internal Auditor Responsible for the internal audit functions of a Business Unit, facility, or campus. Yes
State Agency - Internal Control Officer Responsible for the internal control activities of a Business Unit, facility, or campus. No
State Agency - Audit Liaison Responsible for coordinating and facilitating the audit process between OSC and the Business Unit, facility, or campus. Yes
State Agency - Voucher Authorizer Responsible for authorizing the transmission of vouchers for payment to OSC. Replaces the Legacy Authorized Signature role. Yes


Users can access the Online Contact System at


Users can receive access to the online system by contacting OSC’s Chief Information Office helpdesk at (518) 486-6745 or by submitting the help form at


For an explanation on how to create and maintain contact information, please refer to the Online Contact System help manual.


OSC defines the terms Department Head and Designation Authority as follows:


If the department head authorizes a designee(s), the Business Unit will be responsible for maintaining appropriate documentation supporting the department head’s designations. At a minimum, this documentation should include the names of the designees and the department head’s original signature. This documentation may be requested for audit. Whenever a Business Unit’s department head changes, the new department head must designate claim authorizers again and create new documentation to support the designations within two weeks. The department head may use the AC852-S Business Unit Voucher Authorizer Designation form.


For any questions about Business Unit contact information maintained by the Bureau of State Expenditures, please call (518) 402-4948 or email



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