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Unique Invoice Number Requirements



The Statewide Financial System (SFS) requires that Business Units supply a single, unique invoice number for each vendor on each voucher. In the event that a Bulkload Business Unit processes a payment using a duplicate invoice number, the SFS will reject the voucher. If an Online Business Unit attempts to enter a duplicate invoice number, the SFS displays a warning message and the Business Unit will be unable to continue processing the voucher until it inputs a unique invoice number.

Process and Document Preparation:

When making more than one payment related to the same invoice (e.g., partial payment for partial delivery), the Business Unit must have a process to ensure each payment still references a unique invoice number. For example, if the Business Unit is making a second payment related to invoice number 123, the Business Unit can include invoice number 123-2 in the invoice number field for the second payment.

In certain circumstances, a vendor may be unable to provide a unique invoice number or the vendor’s invoice may not include an invoice number. Business Units are responsible for determining, documenting and applying a consistent method to use unique invoice numbers and may need to contact their vendors to agree to an acceptable method.

Business Units must include only one invoice on a voucher. Combining invoice numbers in the invoice number field on a voucher may cause the following problems:


Note: The Office of the State Comptroller has worked with certain complex vendors to develop a consistent method for Business Units to use to ensure unique invoice numbers on each payment request which meets the processing needs of both New York State and the vendor. Chapter XII, Section 6Z of this Guide contains information on how to process payments to these vendors, including a list of specific vendors and the methods used to ensure unique invoice numbers.

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