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Unique Payment Situations



This section provides Business Units with guidance on how to process certain payment situations where the type of vendor or type of payment differs from the normal policies and processes required by the Office of the State Comptroller. These unique payment situations include, but are not limited to:


  1. Paying Another State Agency

  2. Paying for the Purchase of Land

  3. Paying Prompt Contract Interest

  4. Paying a Single Payment Vendor

  5. Making an Emergency Payment

  6. Paying Deceased Legislator Benefits

  7. Paying Debt Service

  8. Paying an Accidental Death Benefit

  9. Paying a Non-state Employee

  10. Paying a Refund

  11. Creating an Advance Account

  12. Replenishing an Advance or Sole Custody Account

  13. Lien Processing and Financial Reporting for Sole Custody Accounts

  14. Paying the New York State Independent Systems Operator

  15. Paying Retainage

  16. Processing a Payment to a Military Address

  17. Paying and Reconciling Procurement Card Charges

  18. Paying a Pitney Bowes Reserve Account

  19. Paying a Vendor in a Foreign Currency

  20. Applying Cash Discounts


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