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Processing Payments to Verizon for Landline Services



This section is intended to instruct Business Units on how to process payments to Verizon only for landline phone services.

Consistent with Chapter XII, Section 5.B Unique Invoice Number Requirements and Section 5.C Selecting the Appropriate Vendor and Address Sequence, Business Units must assign a unique invoice number for each voucher, and must select the correct Vendor ID and address sequence when processing payments to vendors.

Process and Document Preparation:

  1. Select the correct Vendor ID.


  1. Select the correct Address Sequence.
  1. Populate the Invoice Number Field.

    Verizon agreed to the following invoice numbering convention to ensure unique invoice numbers on vouchers that pay for land line services:

Note: Business Units must change any Verizon payments in process that reference the incorrect Vendor ID or Address Sequence, or do not reference a unique invoice number using the numbering convention outlined in this section before sending it to the Office of the State Comptroller (OSC) for approval. For payments already sent to OSC, please contact the Voucher Audit Team at to have the payment returned to the Business Unit for reprocessing.



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