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Processing Payments to National Grid


This section is intended to instruct Business Units on how to process payments to National Grid.

Please note that Business Units may make payments to National Grid for both utility and non-utility services.

Consistent with Chapter XII, Section 5B - Unique Invoice Number Requirements and Chapter XII, Section 5C - Selecting the Appropriate Vendor and Address Sequence, Business Units must assign a unique invoice number for each voucher, and must select the correct Vendor ID and Address Sequence when processing payments to vendors.


Process and Document Preparation:

Utility Payments

National Grid is a provider of electric and gas services in New York State. To provide these services, National grid has acquired Brooklyn Union Gas Company, Key Span Gas East Corporation, and Niagara Mohawk. These companies are now known as National Grid Companies.

Since the acquisitions, all billing services are provided by National Grid for all New York State service territories including: Upstate (previously Niagara Mohawk); Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island (previously Brooklyn Union Gas Company); and Long Island (previously Key Span Gas East Corporation). As a result, if your agency received electric and/or gas utilities from one of these companies, all payments you make should be made to one of three vendor numbers assigned to National Grid as shown in the payment tables below.


  1. Select the correct Vendor ID.
  1. Select the correct Address Sequence.

Vendor ID Vendor Name Payment Type Address Sequence No. Remit-to Address

National Grid - Non Utility Non-Utility 1 40 Sylvan Road
Waltham, MA
1000005086 National Grid - Non Utility Non-Utility 1 One Metrotech
Brooklyn, NY
1000007312 National Grid - Upstate Utility Non-Utility 3 PO Box 29794
Brooklyn, NY

Business Units must select the correct address sequence and ensure the information in the invoice number field is unique, as referenced above.

Note: Business Units must change any National Grid payments in process that reference the incorrect Vendor ID or Address Sequence, or do not reference a unique invoice number using the numbering convention outlined in this section before sending it to the Office of the State Comptroller (OSC) for approval. For payments already sent to OSC, please contact the Voucher Audit Team at to have the payment returned to the Business Unit for reprocessing.




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