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Employee Travel Expense Reimbursement

Section Overview


When employees are traveling on State business, they are entitled to reimbursement for appropriate travel expenses and will be reimbursed in accordance with the OSC Travel Manual and collective bargaining agreements.

Process and Document Preparation:

Employees are required to fill out the appropriate forms in order to receive reimbursement of expenses. Employees completing their Expense Reports directly in the SFS Travel and Expense module can complete their Expense Reports online. When submission is by proxy, the traveler must complete and sign the certification statement at the bottom of the Employee Report of Travel Expenses and the Claim for Payment (AC 132-S). As needed, travelers who use a proxy should also fill out any of the applicable forms that correspond with their travel event.



Although travel dates and times are not required in the Travel and Expense module, employees who travel are required to populate dates and times of travel in their Expense Reports.


Process and Document Preparation Specific to Agency Legacy System Users:

Legacy users using Legacy coding will complete the applicable forms listed above and then complete the Voucher Charge Continuation with Tail (AC 2397).

Legacy users using PeopleSoft coding will complete the applicable forms listed and then complete the PeopleSoft Charge Continuation (AC 3254).


Legacy users using Legacy Layout may use the Description Bulkload – (Non-Tax) or Bulkload – (Tax) depending on whether the expense is taxable or not as described in Section 9 - Allowed Values of this chapter.


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