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Reissuing or Cancelling a Vendor Check



The purpose of this section is to provide guidance to agencies for when Vendor checks (i.e. joint custody checks) are returned and/or need to be reissued. These checks can be easily identified by determining how many signatures appear on the face of the check. Vendor checks have two signatures on the check – one from the State Comptroller and one from the Commissioner of Tax and Finance. Refund checks have only one signature on the check – the State Comptroller’s.

Occasionally, the Post Office may return a check because of an incorrect address. Other times, a vendor may request that a check be reissued because a check was mutilated, lost, stolen, or never received. In addition, an individual can return a check to the Department of Taxation and Finance’s Division of the Treasury (Treasury) and request the check be reissued to a different payee due to the death of the original payee. Depending on the reason the check is returned, various actions may be necessary by the vendor, agency, Treasury, and OSC. These actions will result in reissuing the check with appropriate changes, if necessary, or cancelling the voucher and restoring the appropriation.


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