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NYS Comptroller


Internal Control Task Force

Organization & Staffing Workgroup

This group develops guidance on organizational issues related to the operation of internal audit units established within the agency organizational structure. Focus areas include both the quantitative and qualitative factors related to the resources assigned to the function, including reporting relationships and other issues related to independence. This group also explores the potential for alternative means of providing internal audit coverage, both within the listed agencies and for agencies that are not required to maintain their own internal audit function.

Work Group Goals and Objectives

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Guidance on Internal Audit Director Qaulifications

Guidance on staffing levels for agency internal audit units

Guidance on organizational placement and independence

Guidance on internal audit outsourcing and shared services

Work Group Members

Task Force Contact Co-Chairs Members

Ann Foster

James Nellegar

Mark Anderson


Mike Abbott

Joel Biederman



Bill Gritsavage



Thomas Howe



Dave Koschnick



Phil Maher



Theresa Vottis