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NYS Comptroller


Internal Control Task Force

Peer Review Work Group

The Institute of Internal Auditors adopted new standards in January 2002 requiring internal audit functions to have an external quality assurance review at least once every five years. This group is charged with establishing and maintaining a cost-effective system through which agency internal audit units can comply with this requirement. This group explores the potential costs and benefits associated with alternatives ranging from hiring private contractors to establishing an internally coordinated cooperative arrangement either among individual agencies, or with other government operations. The sole outcome of this group's efforts is a plan that will enable all entities to meet the external peer review requirements within the five-year period (by December 31, 2006 for those internal audit groups already in existence).

To view the report on peer review, click here.

Work Group Members

Task Force Contact Co-Chairs Members
Mark Mitchell Robert Curtin Gail Berley
  John Samaniuk James Conway
    Randall Griffin
    Mike Ostermann
  Ginny Santos
    Paul Tucci
    Melissa Warner