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NYS Comptroller


Internal Control Task Force

Program Coordination and Implementation Work Group

This group is charged with providing guidance and assistance on the development and maintenance of internal control systems and the coordination and overall compliance with the Internal Control Act (Act). This includes consideration of the factors related to determining the level of resources assigned to the ICO function, the reporting relationships, the relationship between the ICO and the Internal Audit function where both exist and defining the role of the ICO in reviewing controls and developing internal control procedures.

Work Group Goals and Objectives

Use the links below to view group objectives and the program coordination and implementation section of the Implementation Guide.

Guidance on developing and maintaining internal control systems

Guidance on implementing effective internal control review and testing programs

Guidance on developing model internal control guidelines and management policy statements

Guidance on internal control certification process

Work Group Members

Task Force Contact



Tom Lukacs

Martha Bond Pat Bredenko


Steve Kozlowski Deborah Coons


  Donna D'Ambrosio


  Diane Eckert


  Gardner Gurney


  Niels Hansen


  Laurel Jolliffe


  Edward Keegan


  Alan Kresge


  Joseph LaCivita


  Julie Leeper


  Donna Lorenson


  Wendy Maher


  Sheila O'Leary


  David Picker


  Peg Rivers


  Robert Rivers


  Cindi Safford-Dingman


  Darcy Williams