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Citibank Credit Card Program

Employee Liability for State Charges

Questions have been raised whether Citibank will be doing a credit check on State employees receiving travel credit cards or procurement credit cards.

There are no credit checks of State employees

The State’s contract with Citibank calls for the State of New York to be responsible for paying the credit card bill in the name of a State employee. With this arrangement, Citibank does not need to, nor does it, do a credit check on the individual named on the card.

Employees Are Not Liable for Legitimate State Charges

State employees do not have any liability for payments of the credit card bill for charges incurred for legitimate State purposes. Even if the State is late in paying the bill, it will not be reported to any credit reporting bureau.

If a State employee uses the card for personal or fraudulent use, the employee will be personally liable for those personal or fraudulent expenses improperly charged to the card. The Citibank credit cards are not for personal use.

If you of your employees have any questions on this policy, please feel free to contact the Credit Card team in the State Comptroller’s Office at