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Vendor File Advisory
Office of Operations
Bureau of State Expenditures

Advisory Number: 1
Advisory Name: Regarding Doing Business As (DBA)
Date Issued: 01/17/2012 Date Last Updated: 01/17/2012
Capturing Doing Business As (DBA) information on the Vendor File

Do not enter a DBA name in the Name 1 or Name 2 fields when registering a vendor on the Vendor File. If a DBA is entered, the vendor may not pass the IRS TIN match and therefore, may not be registered on the Statewide Vendor File.

Appropriate Location to add a Vendor’s DBA:
We recognize the need for capturing a vendor’s DBA name in the Vendor file. To address that need and ensure consistency in the Vendor File, we are allowing vendors to enter their DBA information on Address Line 1 through the e-supplier portal when adding or editing addresses. If vendors have multiple DBAs, they have the option to enter new addresses for each DBA.

Accordingly, if you know a vendor’s DBA name when requesting a new vendor record, you may enter it on Address line 1. Address line 2 would begin the vendor’s actual address information.

When entering DBA information, enter only the abbreviation DBA with no periods or slashes. Do not spell out the words “Doing Business As.” For example, “Johns Towing” would be entered as “DBA JOHNS TOWING.” See the example below for the correct way to record a vendor’s DBA information.

regarding dba
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