Advisory Number: 3
Date Issued: 03/08/2012 Date Last Updated: 03/08/2012
Advisory Name: Obtaining the Vendor's Primary Contact Email Address

Subject and Policy: The vendor’s primary contact email address should be collected and recorded during the vendor add process, whenever possible.


Because some vendors do not have an email address, the recording of a primary contact email address in the vendor add page is not required. However, OSC strongly recommends agencies collect and record an email address whenever possible because this will enable OSC to correspond via email with the vendor right away to provide:

  • The Vendor’s ID,
  • A temporary login number, and
  • Instructions to enroll in the online Vendor Self-Service application. 

Without the email, agencies are likely to field vendor requests for the Vendor ID and next steps. Agencies can eliminate this added work and allow the system to communicate with the vendor directly.

In addition, once the vendor is registered in Vendor Self-Service a variety of features are available to assist vendors. For example, vendors will be allowed on-line to maintain addresses, contact information and inquire about the status of a purchase order, invoice or payment after Go-Live.  If vendors are not registered, they cannot use the payment lookup options and will need to use a paper-based process to update records.

References: To add a primary contact email after the vendor’s initial registration, the vendor must complete the Add, Change or Delete Vendor Contact Information form.