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Help For Simple Search

The simple text search allows you to search for information using search words and modifiers. When you enter a word as a query, a simple text parser will add some simple modifiers to the word and pass everything to the search engine. Results are measured by documents scores; the higher the score, the more likely the document will match the specified search criteria. To perform a more advanced search using operators such as AND, OR or NOT (Boolean logic) click here.

You can specify the following criteria in the simple search screen:

  • Issue Date: Select one time frame from the drop-down list to include in your search. A time frame represents audits issued in that reporting year.
  • Search for: Type a word or phrase in this field to represent the text you want to search for in the collection you previously selected. Follow these rules for specifying your search text:

    To search for multiple words, separate each word with a space. For example, if you specify time manage, simple search will return all documents that contain the words time or manage. Additionally, it will return all documents that contain variations of these words, such as timely and management.
  • Number of files to return: Indicates the maximum number of documents you want the system to return after the search. Documents are rated according to relevance; the more occurrences of the search criteria you specified, the more relevant a document is and the more likely it is to be the one you want. To restrict your search to only those documents with the highest relevance ratings, type the number of documents you want to see in this field.


To search for the words time and management in collection X, follow these steps:

  1. Select collection X from the Issue Date drop-down list.
  2. Enter the following in the Search for field: time management
  3. Enter 50 in the Number of documents returned field.
  4. Click Search. If any documents contain the words time or management (or variations of these words), a list with all the documents will appear.