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NYS Comptroller


Aid and Incentives for Municipalities (AIM)
(formerly known as General Purpose Local Government Aid)

The 2016-17 Enacted Budget provided $714.7 million for the AIM program, with aid payments held flat for all cities, towns and villages. The amount of the AIM payment for each municipality [pdf] is available from the New York State Division of the Budget.

Though cities are no longer required to certify completion of multiyear financial plans as a condition of receiving AIM, municipal officials are still encouraged to use multiyear financial plans as a long-term budgeting tool. The Office of the State Comptroller provides assistance to all local governments interested in or in the process of creating multiyear financial plans. For more information, please visit our multiyear planning page.

State law requires every municipal corporation in New York State to make copies of its most recent annual financial report, current year budget, most recent independent audit report and/or most recent fiscal performance plan or multiyear financial plan available to the public through its official web site.

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