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NYS Comptroller


Justice Court Fund: Reporting Checklist

To ensure accurate auditing of your reports, please ensure that all information for each line is complete and accurate, for example:

Electronic Reports

  • The correct statute abbreviation is used as listed in the Handbook for Town and Village Justices and Court Clerks "Table of Abbreviations" i.e. Vehicle and Traffic Law should be VTL (on pages 18 - 19 of Handbook).
  • The section of law is cited correctly with the spacing or punctuation between section and subsection: 511 2 (a)i vs 5112(a)i.
  • Make certain all TO, VO, Felony, Parkway, and Amended indicators are used.
  • IBP: The electronic report should be filed by the judge using the JCFIR system. For complete instructions, see the Electronic Filing Procedures page.

Paper Reports

  • Use black or blue ink only
  • Photocopies of these reports are unacceptable
  • Print within the boxes in uppercase letters
  • Do not staple reports
  • The heading section of the first page must be filled out completely
    • On subsequent pages only the Justice ID, Page XX of XX, and the Report Period (MMYY) must be filled out in the heading section
  • Complete each of the columns in the body of the report. Please enter as follows:
    • Name of the defendant, enter Youthful Offender or Sealed if appropriate
    • Docket number of the case
    • Date of arrest
    • Statute, section and subdivision that the defendant is accused of violating. Please use the abbreviations provided on pages 18-19 of the Handbook for Town and Village Justices and Court Clerks.
    • Brief description of the offense
    • Check the felony box if applicable
    • Fill in the ordinance and disposition sentence codes; see the back of the report for a list of the codes
    • Enter the Traffic Safety, Law Enforcement and Disposition number. (TSL&D)
    • Date of judgment (disposition) or the date when cases were otherwise closed
    • Fill in the ordinance and disposition sentence codes; see the back of the report for a key to the codes (if applicable). Enter AMD if the disposition was amended to a lesser charge and provide the amended statute and section and brief description of the offence on the line below the original charge
    • Enter the fine, penalties, and forfeitures that relate to each disposition (leave blank if no money is reported for the case)
    • Enter the civil fees that relate to each disposition
    • Enter the mandatory surcharges that relate to each disposition
  • The entire Totals section at the bottom of the report must be completed for every page; for multiple pages, carry over the totals from the prior page
  • The last page of the report must be signed by the Justice
  • The report is added correctly and the report amount and check agree. Do not staple the check to the report.
Monthly reports/checks address:
Office of the State Comptroller
Justice Court Fund
P.O. Box 22110
Albany. NY 12201-2110