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Justice Court Fund

Justice Court Report Filing - Electronic Filing and Invoice Billing Procedure

There are only two technological requirements for electronic filing:

  • An automated processing system to prepare the report and create the electronic file.
  • A method to transmit the electronic file to us.

Sending Your Report: Electronic Communication

Prior to sending your report, you will first need to save it to a file in our prescribed format. The commercial courtroom vendors have this process built into their programs and the instructions may vary slightly depending on your vendor. Contact your vendor to determine the appropriate method for saving your file and its saved location.

If you have a locally developed program for maintaining your court records, your file must conform to specific standards that will enable us to process it. We will provide you with the correct file layout and naming convention.

Once you have created and saved this electronic file, the preferred method of sending it to us is through the internet via the Justice Court Fund Internet Reporting System (JCFIR).

Note: On a case-by-case basis, we will approve electronic transfer via e-mail.

Using the Internet

To use this method for sending electronic files to our secure server, you will need a User ID and password. Please contact us at 1-866-321-8503 or (518) 408-4934 if you need to obtain this information.

  • Launch your browser to connect to the Internet.
  • Navigate to the Justice Court Fund Internet Reporting System website. Prior to logging in, you may add this site to your favorites or bookmark it by selecting “Favorites” on the Internet Browser toolbar or by holding the “Ctrl” button and typing the letter “D”.
  • Enter your User ID and password and click “login”. OSC strongly advises that for your protection, you not share your user ID and password with anyone else nor should you delegate the reporting function to your court clerk, as the justice will be accountable for any submissions to the JCF.
  • On the main page, select the option “Submit a Report” which will bring you to the certification page.
  • Fill in the report certification page completely and attach your report.
    • Select the month/year of the report from the drop down menu. You may not file a report for a month that is not yet over.
    • Enter the total amount of the report (must equal the check amount to CFO). If there was no revenue collected during the month, check the box “No Money Report”.
    • Select the date the check was sent to the CFO from the drop down menu. The date the check is sent to the CFO may not be later than the date of the report filing.
    • Click on the “Browse” button and locate the drive and folder where your files are saved.
    • Highlight the file for the current month and click the “Open” button.
    • Check the certification language box to indicate that the report being submitted is complete and accurate.
  • Errors in the certification or file submitted will be displayed on the screen immediately.
  • Please correct the errors and resubmit your report. Contact the JCF if you need assistance with resolving the errors,
  • Print the confirmation page for your records. OSC will also email a confirmation of your report submission to your OCA email address immediately.
  • If you wish to file another report, select “Submit Another Report” and follow the instruction above.
  • When all files have been successfully submitted, you may choose to log out or browse the status of your submissions.
  • Click the “Log Out” button on the bottom of the screen or in the upper right hand corner of the window to close the session.

Common Report Errors

The JCFIR system has been designed to validate certain information in your submission prior to accepting your report. The errors noted below will prevent your report submission from being successful:

  • Total report amount does not equal the report amount certified.
    • Error message: The report amount entered on the certification form must match the total in the report being filed.
  • The date the check sent to the CFO is after the filing date.
    • Error message: The ‘Date Check Sent to CFO’ field on the certification form cannot be a future date.
  • AC-1030 report file is not named correctly
    • The file naming convention is:
      • ACYYMMCC.JJJ (AC: Audit and Control, YY: report year, MM: report month, CC: county code of court, JJJ: unique 3 digit justice number)
  • Report is for a month that has not yet ended
    • Error message: You cannot file a monthly report for a month that has not ended yet.
  • Justice information in the file does not agree with the reporting justice.
    • Error message: You cannot file a monthly report for another Justice.
  • Report file submitted contains calculation errors.
    • This could be a number of errors in the report. Please verify the amounts in the report.
  • Total report adjustments must not exceed $250
    • Any adjustments must be reported as such and cannot exceed this amount for one report.
    • Please refer to the JCF HANDBOOK [pdf] for complete instructions on reporting adjustments.

Using Email

Since some e-mail systems are not compatible with the OSC's e-mail system, contact the Justice Court Fund at 1-866-321-8503 or (518) 408-4934 to obtain approval for e-mail submission. We will verify that your attachments can be accepted. Once your e-mail submission has been approved:

  • Launch your e-mail program.
  • Address the e-mail message to
  • Insert the judges' name and the report month(s) in the Subject line of the e-mail (e.g. Judge John Doe January 2004 report).
  • Select the "Attach" feature of your e-mail program and locate the drive and folder where your files are saved.
  • Highlight the appropriate file and click "Open" or "OK" to attach. Repeat if more than one file is to be submitted.
  • Click "Send".

The Invoice Billing Procedure

Once your court is approved for filing reports electronically, we will send you and the Chief Fiscal Officer (CFO) of your town or village the necessary instructions for participation in the Invoice Billing program.

Summary of the Process

  • Each justice of the court sends his/her monthly report to us electronically.
  • You send a check for total amount of report to the CFO of your town or village at the time of filing.
  • We audit and code your monthly report electronically to determine the state, county and local shares of fines, fees and surcharges collected.
  • We send an invoice and billing statement to the CFO for the amount due the state, county and any refunds paid by us. If village matters are reported on a town report and funds are ue to the village, we will provide the village with a separate statement and instruct the CFO to pay the village.
  • We send a copy of the distribution summary to each justice.


If you have any questions, would like more detailed instructions or require any other assistance please contact us at or 1-866-321-8503 or (518) 408-4934.

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