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NYS Comptroller


Justice Court Report Filing

Frequently Asked Questions

What to do about overpayments, bad checks, duplicate cases, etc.?

You may offset overpayments of $250 or less. If overpayments are $250 or more you should request a refund from us in writing (see Handbook, pgs. 68 - 73). Please indicate report month, page and line.

How to handle exonerated (satisfied) bail or overpayments of fines that have not been claimed?

Send to the fiscal officer of your municipality pending a claim (see Handbook, p. 29).

How to report forfeited bail?

Send to Justice Court Fund with your monthly report and include the statute & section, a brief description of original charge (see Handbook, p. 28).

What to do when a matter is vacated or amended by the local court?

Send us an order signed by the judge and we will process a refund or amend the report (see Handbook, pgs. 68 - 73).

If bail that was previously forfeited is now to be refunded, where do I go?

Generally a Superior Court Order is required for us to refund bail that has been previously forfeited; however in certain instances it may be refunded with an order from the local court (see Handbook, pgs. 68 - 73).

What is the status of Electronic Filing?

Electronic Filing is available to all courts. If you wish to participate, we ask that you give us a call (518) 473-6438 and we will guide you through the necessary steps to get started.

When filing my report electronically, where do I enter the indicators on my report?

The indicators such as Town/Village ordinance, Parkways etc. are added to the report by the computer software you are using to produce your report. You should contact your software vendor to determine what, if any, special entries you might need to make to ensure the indicators are executed.

When do we fax or mail the certifications?

For those filing electronically and participating in IBP:

The Justice Court Fund Internet Reporting system allows judges to use a digital signature to certify the completeness and accuracy of the report being submitted and no longer requires faxing signed certifications. Unique user IDs, specific password rules, and security questions are a few of the features which help ensure the identity of the user and creates a secure sign in for each justice.

For electronic filers who do not participate in the invoice billing program, mail check & certification for each justice to the following address:

Office of the State Comptroller
Bureau of Justice Fund
PO Box 22110
Albany, NY 12201-2110.