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NYS Comptroller


Justice Court Report Filing

A Message from the Comptroller's Office

For many years, the State Comptroller has been seeking innovative ways to partner with local governments, and to use technology to improve our ability to do business with each other. Many Justice Courts are helping us to make the transition to "e-government" as they convert from paper to electronic reporting. If you would like more details on this beneficial process, OSC staff is ready to assist with telephone support and visits to your court.

In addition, municipalities can use Electronic Funds Transfers (EFT) to pay their Justice Court obligations, and can be the recipient of electronic transfers for ANY payments made to them by this Office. Money can be transferred faster and invested longer through these transactions, which can often help with municipalities' cash management.

If you would like more information on electronic filing or any of these electronic business tools, please feel free to contact the Justice Court Fund at 1-866-321-8503 or (518) 408-4934 or E-mail