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Abandoned Property Held By Museums or Military and Naval Affairs

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The New York State Comptroller’s Office of Unclaimed Funds maintains a list of certain properties that have been left in museums, historical societies, zoological gardens, aquariums, botanical gardens, arboreta and other such institutions which are presumed to be abandoned.  Items that fall into this category which are currently held by these institutions are listed on our web site for 180 days so claims to the properties can be established.  If the museum does not receive contact from any person who can provide documentation or other evidence establishing an ownership interest to the property prior to or within 30 days following the conclusion of the unclaimed funds listing, the museum shall acquire title to the property.

We also list any military awards, medals, or decorations that were found among the contents of abandoned safe deposit boxes.  Military items are held by the Division of Military and Naval Affairs.  These items will remain on our web site until they are claimed. If you think you may be the entitled owner of a listed military item, you must contact the Division of Military and Naval Affairs to claim the item.

Instructions for reporting these items to the Office of Unclaimed Funds can be found in the Handbook for Reporters of Unclaimed Funds. (online handbook) (.pdf version)

If you have questions about items on the list, please contact the Office of Unclaimed Funds.

Museum or Military Abandoned Property Listing