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State Payroll Services

Payroll Users Group Standing Committees


Bylaws, Charter, and Membership
Standing Committee

The Bylaws, Charter, and Membership Standing Committee monitors and insures that the NYS Payroll User Group bylaws and charter are current and relevant to the overall purposes of the Group. The Committee reviews and maintains membership and voting rosters, and provides the Steering Committee with recommendations for changes to membership. The Committee also submits qualifications in determining Chairs for the Steering and Standing Committees.

  • Review and revise the Charter as necessary
  • Track meeting attendance
  • Review voting members in good standing
  • Prepare for election of Steering Committee Chair and Vice Chair

Chair: Jennifer Ingham , Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation, (518) 474-0384,

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Operations Standing Committee

The Operations Standing Committee defines, documents, and improves OSC and Agency business practices in order to produce the State payroll. The Committee works with OSC to identify issues that impact payroll operations, advises OSC in setting priorities, and assists OSC in developing solutions or providing Agency best practice examples.

  • Continue to work with OSC to reissue the Salary Manual.  OSC will take the lead on this project and will confer with the committee on the language and details that will be included in the manual.
  • Work with OSC to issue clarification of practices regarding salary withholding for different types of employees.
  • Develop a working relationship with Civil Service and OSC on issues under the jurisdiction of both control agencies such as the special salary treatments and traineeships to improve communication, documentation and practices.
  • Continue working with OSC to review draft bulletins.
  • Continue to recognize outstanding agency assistance with the OSC Customer Service Award.
  • Explore what OSC’s expectations and needs are from agency payroll offices to achieve improved communication.
  • Work in partnership with other committees to achieve common goals.

Co-Chairs: Deb Capron, Department of Tax & Finance, (518) 457-6676,
Sue Oligny, Division of the Budget, (518) 474-1356,

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PS Query Sub-Committee

  • Partner with OSC to provide agencies with the necessary tools and resources to enhance their proficiency in the use of PS Query.
  • Empower agencies to independently retrieve data by developing webinars, hands on training and presentations.
  • Explore agency data needs in order to create locked queries that improve business practices.

Chair: Sherry Azoulay, The City University Of New York, (646) 313-8259,

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Performance Measures and Standards Sub-Committee

The Operations Standing Committee developed the Performance Measures and Standards Subcommittee; our mission is to establish performance standards for OSC and State agency business practices that will result in continuous improvements in payroll accuracy, timeliness, cost-effectiveness, accountability, and innovation.

We collaborate with State agency communities to create performance indicators that aid them in achieving the highest quality of services for all State employees in an efficient and effective manner.

  • Publish Agency Report Cards on the OSC
  • WebsiteDetermine Payroll Award Recipients annually
  • Plan/Coordinate the Comptroller’s Payroll Achievement Awards ceremony
  • Develop New Measure(s) to keep pace with the evolution of the Payroll Community

Chair: Gina Aviles, John Jay College of Criminal Justice (212) 237-8495,

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Systems Standing Committee

The Systems Standing Committee identifies concerns involving the State Payroll System and assists the Office of the State Comptroller in developing solutions and system improvements. The Committee provides guidance and support to OSC with system implementations, upgrades, testing, piloting, and electronic interface issues across state systems.

  • Partner with the Bureau of State Payroll Services and Employees Retirement System to create an ERS to PayServ Interface for establishing registration and deduction information.
  • Partner with the Bureau of State Payroll Services and ERS to create an interface for Service Verification for beginning and ending days of service and applicable earnings.
  • Encourage direct mailing of Direct Deposit advice statements.
  • Support suppression of printing of Direct Deposit advice statements.
  • Improve communication between OSC payroll auditors and agencies via reports or other communications systems.
  • Resolve certification discrepancies between NYSTEP and PayServ databases.
  • Host Automated Interface Forum to share best practices and procedures.
  • Support PayServ upgrades.

Chair: Mike Curthoys, NYS Senate, (518) 426-6560,

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Training and Communication Standing Committee

The Training and Communication Committee provides continuous training and valuable communication materials for State agencies that assist them in their efforts to produce accurate and timely payrolls for New York State employees. The Committee works with OSC and State agencies to create training resources that reflect best practices as well as provides information sharing that will ultimately increase efficiency and knowledge across agencies.

  • Support OSC and Users Group shared training initiatives
  • Share best practices and encourage knowledge transfer
  • Utilize technology to share payroll information
  • Communicate Payroll Users Group accomplishments to the entire payroll community
  • Contribute to professionalizing the NYS payroll community

Chair: Hilton Diane Wallace, Lehman College, (718) 960-8817,

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