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Information for Current and Past State Employees

Direct Deposit

Try direct deposit, the fastest, most convenient and most reliable way to receive your pay. On payday, funds are electronically transferred to your selected account(s). You have no worries about lost or stolen checks. Choose up to a maximum of eight different accounts at one or multiple financial institutions and indicate the percentage and/or fixed amounts to deposit into each account.

Use the form below for enrollment, changes or cancellations. Submit it to your agency’s Personnel or Payroll Office.

Direct Deposit Form
Direct Deposit FAQs (PDF version)

Understanding Your W-2 Statement

“A Brief Description of NYS Form W-2 Statements” describes how certain data is obtained and what it represents.

Payroll questions should be directed to your agency payroll administrator.

Employment Verification Requests

To get State employment information:

From 1998 to the present Prior to 1998
Contact your agency Payroll Office.

Complete the Personal Privacy Protection Law Release form to authorize the release of your payroll information.

Mail form to:  The Office of the State Comptroller, Bureau of State Payroll Services, 110 State Street, 8th Floor, Albany, NY 12236.


For prior service history questions, please email: