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Payroll Enhancement Program

Application Upgrade

The Application Upgrade from PeopleSoft version 8.9 to version 9.1 includes several improvements to processing in the PayServ application. In addition to navigation changes, improvements include providing system users more control over Retro processing and increased flexibility in managing garnishment deductions, as well other modifications.

The Upgrade to PayServ 9.1 is Complete! Users are reminded to clear their internet browser cache before signing in to the upgraded PayServ environment. Instructions for doing this can be found under Job Aids on the Application Upgrade component. To provide agencies additional processing time, PayServ will be available until 8:00 p.m. on Monday, 7/22, Tuesday, 7/23 and Wednesday, 7/24.

2013 PayServ Upgrade Cutover Weekend: July 18-21
PayServ will be available until 12:00 noon on Thursday July 18. PS Query will be unavailable after COB Thursday July 17. Both are expected to be up and available for use the morning of July 22, 2013. More information, including changes to the payroll processing schedule, will be announced soon. Please visit this site often for Payroll Bulletins, Job Aids, and other training materials intended to support PayServ users as they prepare for the upgrade.





Job Aids

  • No. AU-01
    Deleting and Renaming Queries
  • No. AU-02
    First Look at PayServ 9.1
  • No. AU-03
    Position Management Changes in PayServ 9.1
  • No. AU-04
    Enhanced Search Functionality in PayServ 9.1
  • No. AU-05
    Field Changes in PayServ 9.1
  • No. AU-06
    Important Internet Browser Information
  • No. AU-07
    PayServ 9.1 Information for ERS


Information Sessions





Contact PEP

Questions about the Payroll Enhancement Program can be directed to PEP.