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Payroll Enhancement Program

SSN Decoupling

SSN Decoupling is an effort to minimize the exposure of New York State employees’ Social Security Numbers (SSN) during payroll processing.  To protect this information, OSC will transition from using the SSN as the EMPLID in PayServ to using the NYS EMPLID, a system assigned number. SSN Decoupling is expected to be completed in November, 2012.

Vendor Conversion Now Underway
On April 18, 2013, 23 vendors doing business with the Bureau of State Payroll Services converted to using the NYS Empl ID in place of the employee SSN in file transfers. All other vendors are currently preparing to make this change and are expected to be converted by late summer, 2013.

11/13/12- SSN Decoupling in PayServ Complete!
Phase 1 of the SSN Decoupling conversion was completed on November 12, 2012! In Phase 2, OSC will collaborate with Vendors and Control Agencies to determine whether the NYS EMPLID can replace the SSN on inbound and outbound files.





  • Bulletin 1189 – SSN Decoupling - Announcement
  • Bulletin 1190 – SSN Decoupling- Pre-Conversion Changes
  • Bulletin 1191 – SSN Decoupling - Interface File Test Window
  • Bulletin 1197 – Payroll Processing Calendar Schedule for SSN Decoupling
  • Bulletin 1198 – Changes to Automated Interface transaction processing (for AI Agencies Only)
  • Bulletin 1201 – Changes to Entering Rehires, Concurrent Hires, and Transfers in PayServ
  • Bulletin 1202 – Changes to the W-2 Reprint page in PayServ
  • Bulletin 1203 – Changes to Online Hire Transaction Entry in PayServ
  • Bulletin 1204 – Reserving an Empl ID in PayServ Prior to Entry of the New Hire Transaction


Job Aids

  • No. SSN-01
    NYS EMPLID on Employee Paycheck Stubs and Direct Deposit Advice Statements
  • No. SSN-02
    Searching in the Employee Tax Data Page
  • No. SSN-03
    Searching in the Employee Tax Distribution Page
  • No. SSN-04
    Searching in Unsecured Inquiry Transaction Pages
  • No. SSN-05
    Searching in the Time Entry Page
  • No. SSN-06
    Addition of National ID Search Field to ERS Pages in PayServ
  • No. SSN-07
    Addition of National ID Search Field to DCS Pages in PayServ


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