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December 28, 2009

DiNapoli Releases State Cash Watch Numbers

State Comptroller Thomas P. DiNapoli today released an update on the state’s cash position. The Cash Watch update is part of DiNapoli’s on-going effort to increase fiscal transparency for the state’s taxpayers.

December 28, 2009
State Funds Available Cash Start of Business $2.7 billion*
Pending Payments Start of Business  $830.8 million**
Estimated State Fund Receipts $882.7 million***
Estimated State Funds Available End of Business (Closing Balance) $2.8 billion****
*Amount of cash on hand to pay bills
**Vouchers payable today
***Tax, federal and misc. receipts from agencies received today
****Amount of cash on hand after paying bills and receiving in revenue

Pending payments do not include STAR aid payments of $1.8 billion, which has been reduced by 19 percent from $2.3 billion as ordered by Governor Paterson earlier in December. Other significant payments expected this week include general support for public schools of $384.5 million, which is expected to be paid at 100 percent and month-end Medicaid payments to providers, which is estimated to be well over $800 million. These payments are all scheduled for December 30.

The State Comptroller’s office processes approximately 130,000 state payments daily. In State Fiscal Year 2008-09, it processed more than 34 million payments totaling approximately $103 billion.


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