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February 29, 2007


DiNapoli Delivers $54,837 To Suozzi And Weitzman

More Than $308 Million Owed to People and Businesses in Long Island

State Comptroller Thomas P. DiNapoli today presented a check for $54,837.21 to Nassau County Executive Thomas R. Suozzi and Nassau County Comptroller Howard Weitzman for unclaimed funds held in the county’s name.

“Working with County Executive Suozzi and County Comptroller Weitzman, we searched and found more than $54,000 that belongs to Nassau County,” DiNapoli said. “Today, we’re giving back this money that belongs to county taxpayers. Every New Yorker should visit our website or call my office to find out if we’re holding money that belongs to them.”

“Nassau County residents pay some of the highest taxes in the state and across the country. Having these unclaimed funds returned to our taxpayers will assist me in my endeavor to provide the best quality-of-life available for Nassau residents,” Suozzi said. “On behalf of Nassau County taxpayers, I would like to thank Comptroller DiNapoli.”

“I would like to thank State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli for presenting Nassau County with this check for unclaimed funds,” Weitzman said. “My office routinely searches and applies for these unclaimed funds due to Nassau County.”

Under state law, insurance companies, utilities, investment companies and other businesses are required to turn over money in inactive accounts to the state. DiNapoli’s office administers the state’s unclaimed funds.

Since DiNapoli took office, he has stepped up efforts to spread the word about New York’s $8 billion in unclaimed funds. Staff members from DiNapoli’s unclaimed funds division travel the state and set up shop at dozens of community events each year where people can find out if they are owed funds. In addition, DiNapoli’s office now publicizes these events each month.

DiNapoli also presented an unclaimed funds check for $2,989.89 to Carolyn Wright of Mattituck, NY. Wright saw a newspaper article about an unclaimed funds event held by DiNapoli’s office and checked the Comptroller’s website to see if she was owed money.

New York’s unclaimed funds total more than $8 billion in more than 22 million accounts. Most of the accounts are held by individuals who can search for funds online at or by calling (800) 221-9311. DiNapoli’s office is holding $308 million in 1.4 million accounts for individuals, businesses and governments in Long Island.

DiNapoli also stressed that there is no fee involved in claiming unclaimed funds and that companies that offer to help individuals find unclaimed funds do not have any faster or better access to the funds held by the Office of the State Comptroller.



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