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February 24, 2009

Comptroller DiNapoli Releases Audits

New York State Comptroller Thomas P. DiNapoli announced today the following audits have been issued:

State University of New York: Space Leasing Practices at Selected Campuses (2007-S-81)
Auditors examined space leasing practices at the four campuses: the University at Buffalo, the University at Stony Brook, Upstate Medical University in Syracuse, and Downstate Medical Center in Brooklyn. At two of the campuses, auditors identified leased space that was unoccupied for several months at a cost of nearly $800,000.

Office of Mental Health: Kingsboro Psychiatric Center: Controls Over Late Separations (2007-S-109)
When employees resign, retire or are terminated, controls must be in place to ensure that their separation is processed in a timely manner. However, auditors identified weaknesses in these controls at Kingsboro Psychiatric Center. As a result, a number of employees were paid for time they did not actually work in their final paychecks.

Department of Health: Medicaid Payments to Referred Ambulatory and Laboratory Providers While Recipients Were Hospitalized (Follow-Up Report) (2008-F-25)
The daily Medicaid reimbursement rates for hospitalization generally cover the costs of all medical services provided to Medicaid recipients during their hospital stays. To determine whether ambulatory and laboratory service providers were inappropriately paid for services provided to Medicaid recipients during their hospital stays, a prior audit (2006-S-90) examined selected Medicaid payments to providers. Auditors identified more than $2.3 million in inappropriate payments and questioned additional payments of $622,937. When auditors followed up on these matters, they found the department had implemented most of the audit recommendations.

New York City Administration for Children’s Services: Informal Day Care Provider Wage Reporting (Follow-Up Report) (2008-F-47)
New York State’s informal child care program helps low-income parents pay for child care. In New York City, the program is administered by the Administration for Children’s Services. In a prior audit (2006-N-17) the agency’s controls over the payments to providers were examined. Among the problems found, auditors determined some of the providers had enrolled with invalid social security numbers. When auditors followed up on this matter with agency officials, they found the audit’s recommendation had not been implemented.

The following three audits examined whether state entities complied with certain recycling requirements specified in state law and Executive Order 4, which was issued in April 2008:

Department of Agriculture and Markets: Recycling Program (2008-S-132)
Auditors found the Department of Agriculture and Markets was not in full compliance with these requirements, mainly because three of its four offices do not have a program for source-separating plastic, glass and metals.

Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation: Recycling Program (2008-S-133)
Auditors found the Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation was not in compliance with these requirements, as it had yet to establish an organization-wide recycling program and was not fully meeting certain recycling reporting requirements.

Division of Parole: Recycling Program (2008-S-136)
Auditors found the Division of Parole was not in compliance with these requirements, as most of its offices, which are leased, had not instituted such programs. In addition, the division had not submitted the required annual reports about its recycling efforts since 1996.

Government Accountability
The Office of the State Comptroller regularly audits state agencies, public authorities and New York City agencies. Auditors ensure that programs achieve their established goals, funds are used efficiently and assets are adequately protected against fraud, waste and abuse. DiNapoli’s office completes approximately 200 state audits and annually identifies hundreds of millions in savings and fraud each year.



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