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January 24, 2008

DiNapoli Announces Completion of
Redwood’s Seven-mile Water Pipeline

More Than 200 Homes, Businesses Connected to New Municipal Water Supply
Bottled Water Distribution to End January 31

New York State Comptroller Thomas P. DiNapoli, whose office administers the State’s Oil Spill Fund, today announced the completion and successful testing of a seven-mile water pipeline extension connecting the Hamlet of Redwood to the Town of Alexandria’s water supply. The completion of the three-year, nearly $8 million project now gives the hamlet’s more than 200 residents access to a permanent source of safe drinking water.

“There are too many petroleum spills in New York State,” DiNapoli said. “And those spills have a disastrous effect on New Yorkers’ supply of clean drinking water. For communities like Redwood that rely on private wells, bottled water was the only way residents could have access to drinking water. But that was a short-term fix. Thanks to a cooperative effort between state and local officials, Redwood’s residents are now connected to Alexandria’s water supply. Redwood will be okay, but we have to take steps to avoid the kind of spills that destroyed Redwood’s water supply in the first place.”

In 2004, after the petroleum contamination was identified, the Comptroller’s office authorized the Oil Spill Fund to pay for the installation of carbon filters in more than 100 Redwood homes and businesses. The Fund also pledged to contribute up to $1.8 million for the construction of a new water supply pipeline through the Fund’s role as a member of the New York State Water and Sewer Infrastructure Co-Funding Initiative. To ensure that the hamlet’s residents maintained access to clean drinking water, the Oil Spill Fund paid for the provision of clean water to Redwood during the project’s three-year duration.

Now that the departments of Environmental Conservation and Health have certified the successful completion and testing of the pipeline, the Oil Spill Fund will discontinue the provision of bottled water on January 31. Comptroller DiNapoli sent a letter on January 23, 2008, to Redwood residents announcing the completion of the project and providing additional information regarding the end of the free water delivery.

About the Oil Spill Fund
According to Department of Environmental Conservation estimates, there are more than 15,000 petroleum spills annually in New York State. The New York Environmental Protection and Spill Compensation Fund is administered by the Office of the State Comptroller and pays for the remediation of petroleum spills conducted with the oversight of the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation. When the party responsible for a petroleum spill is identified, the Fund pursues reimbursement from that party for claims paid in relation to that particular spill.



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