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January 8, 2010

Retirees Can Submit Pension Check Re-issues
By Internet and Extended Phone Hours

Nearly 200 Re-Issued Checks Mailed Today

In response to the loss of pension checks by the Post Office, the New York State and Local Retirement System advises retirees to submit pension check re-issue requests through the Retirement System's secure website, State Comptroller Thomas P. DiNapoli announced today. In addition, the Retirement System has extended its call center hours to be open on Saturday.

Retirees can submit re-issue requests by:

Retirees who have not yet received their pension checks should request a re-issued check through one of the means above. Please note that if a check is re-issued, the original check will be stopped and not be able to be cashed. Nearly 200 re-issued checks were mailed today. An additional 400 checks will be mailed tomorrow.

Representatives from the Retirement System are calling all retirees who requested a re-issued check to determine if they received their pension check. If so, the Retirement System will not re-issue checks for these individuals so they are able to cash the check in their possession. If not, the Retirement System will re-issue the pension checks. Retirees who requested re-issued checks can expect to receive them next week.

On Thursday, the Retirement System received 15,750 calls, which is the most it has ever received in one day. Since Monday, the Retirement System has received more than 71,000 calls. As of the end of the day Thursday, 21,000 pension checks had been cashed which represents more than one-third of the total that were distributed.

This problem does not affect retirees who receive their pension payment by direct deposit. These retirees received their payments to their accounts on December 31. The Retirement System encourages all retirees to enroll in direct deposit payment so that problems with the Post Office will not affect the timing of pension payments. To download the form to enroll in direct deposit, visit:


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