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June 29, 2009

Open Book New York

State Comptroller DiNapoli believes New Yorkers should know how their tax dollars are spent. In June 2008, DiNapoli launched Open Book New York (, an easy-to-use Web site to give taxpayers unprecedented access to the financial information of state and local governments.

Open Book New York contains online search tools that include spending for 3,100 local governments and more than 94 state agencies and public authorities. Users can also search more than 60,000 state contracts and see how federal stimulus money is being spent in New York. The data can be loaded as a PDF file or an Excel spreadsheet.

Federal Stimulus Spending Search

  • The federal stimulus search details how federal money is being spent in New York. Users can search by state agency, payee, major category of spending and federal program title.
  • Data is updated nightly.
  • DiNapoli’s office is responsible for tracking appropriated federal stimulus funds; reviewing and approving all state contracts supported by federal stimulus funds; paying the state’s bills and providing oversight to ensure funds are spent appropriately.

Local Government Search

  • The local government search contains detailed revenue and spending data for 3,100 counties, cities, towns, villages, schools and fire districts from 1996 to 2006.
  • The data is from local government financial reports and is updated quarterly.
  • DiNapoli’s office is responsible for examining the finances of New York’s local governments. Each year, local governments must file detailed financial information on revenues, spending and debt with the Office of the State Comptroller.

State Agency Spending Search

  • The state agency spending search provides data for major spending categories for 94 state agencies and public authorities that receive state appropriations.
  • The data is from the state’s Central Accounting System and is updated quarterly.
  • The State Comptroller’s office is responsible for reviewing and accounting for the state’s finances; tracking all financial transactions of the state; investing and authorizing borrowing of state funds; preparing reports on the financial condition of the state; and reviewing the financial and management practices of state agencies.

State Contracts Search

  • The state contracts search displays more than 60,000 active contracts that state agencies have with businesses, not-for-profit organizations and other governmental entities. The database can be searched by agency, company or dollar amount.
  • Data is updated nightly and contains active contracts and contract amendments.
  • DiNapoli’s office reviews and approves contracts for state agencies that exceed the applicable threshold, generally $50,000. Public authorities generally do not follow the same contracting rules or approval processes that state agencies are required to undergo. 



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