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Dennis Tompkins


March 10, 2010

State Comptroller Thomas P. DiNapoli
Statement on Loglisci Guilty Plea


"Todayís announcement by the Attorney General of David Loglisciís guilty plea is a welcome step toward finally putting the transgressions of the Hevesi administration behind us.

"Since I took office, Iíve implemented a long list of reforms to eliminate the possibility of the criminal behavior that took place under the former Comptroller. Iíve banned pay-to-play. Iíve banned the use of placement agents or lobbyists in investments with the fund.

"Iíve increased oversight, transparency and accountability in the investment decision process. I created an Inspector General position and hired a Special Counsel for Ethics. The Fund has adopted a Code of Conduct, and Iíve recommended legislation to codify these changes so that future Comptrollers cannot rescind the reforms Iíve implemented.

"In short, to prevent what happened under Alan Hevesi from happening again, Iíve completely revamped and reformed the way the pension fund does business."


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