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May 6, 2009


DiNapoli Releases List of Hevesi Placement Agents

State Comptroller Thomas P. DiNapoli today released a list of placement agents involved in investments made during former Comptroller Alan Hevesi’s administration. The Attorney General has cleared the release of the list.

Due to lax record keeping by the Hevesi administration, DiNapoli cautioned the list might not be complete.

“It’s pretty clear that ethics and transparency were not the hallmark of Alan Hevesi’s tenure,” DiNapoli said. “We compiled this list, but at the end of the day, it’s difficult to catalogue all the deals of the prior administration.

“I've instituted a series of reforms to help prevent any reoccurrence of the Hevesi administration’s misconduct. And every transaction we’ve done since I took office has been publicly released and is posted on our Web site.”

DiNapoli said his office is continuing to review Hevesi-era records, but there is a notable lack of documentation from that time period. DiNapoli noted that his office consulted with Attorney General Cuomo’s office prior to releasing the list.

Click here for the list of Hevesi placement agents.

If any placement agents or intermediaries were involved in fund investments from October 2007 to present, they are listed in DiNapoli's monthly transaction reports.



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