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May 12, 2009

DiNapoli: Property Tax Data Increases Transparency,
Helps Taxpayers See and Compare
Overlapping Tax Rates Where They Live

As school board and budget votes draw near, State Comptroller Thomas P. DiNapoli today released updated property tax data that will help taxpayers view and compare property tax rate and levy data for the taxing entities within their community. It also helps them compare their locality to neighboring communities. The information can be found on the Comptroller’s website at

“I want taxpayers to have access to easy-to-use information on what they’re paying in property taxes, and know how those rates and levies compare to other jurisdictions in their region. This data helps them do that,” said DiNapoli. “My goal is to increase transparency and empower citizens to be able to ask questions and participate in the decision-making process within their communities.

“My office knows that figuring out property tax rates for your area can be confusing. For example, many school districts’ boundaries overlap more than one town. By organizing property tax data from the taxpayer’s perspective – where they live – we hope to demystify some of that,” said DiNapoli. “And we’re committed to doing even more in the future through Open Book.”

Release of this information is part of DiNapoli’s ongoing effort to make financial data more accessible to the public. The overlapping property tax tables contain sortable data for each of the state’s 1607 local governments (including New York City) and 699 school districts, as well as a computed average for special districts within each town (such as fire, water or sewer).

Taxpayers will be able to see assessed and full value tax rates per $1,000 of property value, and the amount of total property taxes levied. Rates should be compared to similar municipalities or school districts in the region, or to those where property values are similar. The data is for the 2008 taxable year; a user’s guide accompanies the data tables.

Last year DiNapoli launched, a website that contains a wealth of financial data about our state and local governments, and will soon contain data about the use of federal stimulus moneys. The new property tax data DiNapoli is making available today will also be incorporated into the Open Book New York site.



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