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September 10, 2007


DiNapoli Releases Multiyear Financial Planning Guide
For Local Government Officials

Comptroller’s Office Offering Multiyear Financial Planning
Session to Local Officials at NYCOM Fall Meeting

Given the budgetary challenges that many New York State local governments face, State Comptroller Thomas P. DiNapoli today released an updated multiyear financial planning guide to help local officials develop more comprehensive, accurate long-term financial plans as well as meet new state fiscal accountability requirements.

“Our agency plays an important function in auditing local governments and ensuring that taxpayer resources are safeguarded and used efficiently. We also provide assistance and guidance to local officials in an effort to help them develop effective long-term strategies for running a government with limited resources,” said DiNapoli.

“Multiyear planning is a vital tool for local governments. Decision-makers must set long-term priorities and work toward goals, rather than make choices based only on the needs and politics of the moment,” DiNapoli said. “It can help them avoid future financial stress.”

DiNapoli released the guide ahead of the New York Conference of Mayors’ (NYCOM) Fall Training School for City and Village Officials to be held September 17-21, 2007 in Saratoga, NY. The Comptroller’s staff will present a session “Developing Fiscal Improvement Plans.” This year’s state budget enacted a new planning requirement for cities as a part of a multiyear commitment to increase revenue sharing aid.

NYCOM Executive Director Peter Baynes said, “Local officials are working hard to provide the essential municipal services for their residents without adding to the already significant local property tax burden. While we believe many of our cities and villages have already incorporated the concept of performance measurement in their budgeting procedures, we appreciate the State Comptroller’s efforts to help local governments meet new accountability requirements. NYCOM looks forward to working with Comptroller DiNapoli and his staff at our upcoming Fall Training School in Saratoga and beyond, to ensure municipal officials have the tools and guidance they need to achieve compliance.”

Click Here for a Copy of the Guide.



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