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September 8, 2010


DiNapoli Statement on Dignity for All Students Act

“The Dignity for All Students Act demonstrates New York’s commitment to upholding equality at all levels, from our schools to our workplaces. By signing this Act into law today, Governor Paterson ensures that students have legal protection against bullying based on race, gender, sexual orientation or other status. Bigotry doesn’t develop overnight. By beginning the fight against intolerance within our schools, we’ll continue to have a tolerant, fair Empire State that we can all be proud of.”

In September 2007, DiNapoli directed the New York State and Local Retirement System to recognize same-sex marriages wherever they are performed. This policy guarantees that all surviving spouses have access to certain retirement benefits, including accidental death benefits awarded in certain situations and a cost-of-living adjustment to monthly pension payments. In October 2004, the Retirement System recognized same-sex marriages conducted in Canada under the principle of comity, a legal doctrine that has been followed by New York State for many years.



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