May 2017


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Member Annual Statements Coming Soon

This month we will begin sending out the 2017 Member Annual Statements (MAS). Distribution takes approximately six to eight weeks. If your employees need help understanding their statements, refer them to our MAS page where they can see an interactive guide to their MAS.


Heads Up

When Retired Employees Return to Work: An Employer’s Role

The New York State Retirement and Social Security Law (RSSL) regulates post-retirement employment for all members of the New York State and Local Retirement System (NYSLRS). In some cases you may need to seek prior approval before hiring a retired employee. First, you must make reasonable efforts to find qualified, non-retired workers to fill vacancies. There are different sections of the law that limit post-retirement employment. Know the laws, and keep your employees informed.


You Should Know

The Retirement Adjustment Reporting (RAR) system allows you to submit online adjustments to your employees’ previously reported days worked, salary and contributions. In most cases, you won’t have to submit the paper adjustment report form to us. If you submit your monthly report online, you can use the RAR system. Please take a few minutes to learn about the program.

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