August 2015


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Keeping the Pension Fund Funded

People are living longer, which means that recent retirees are spending more time in retirement than in previous generations. This also means that they are collecting a benefit for a longer period of time. By projecting how long our members and retirees are expected to live, NYSLRS and the pension fund lessen the risks of underfunding the benefits of its current and future retirees. 


Close to Retirement?

Retirement Planning: Filing for Retirement

Applying for retirement can be an easy process if you've done your research. Watch our Filing Your NYSLRS Retirement Application video to learn more about the form and how to file for retirement.


You Should Know

Wherever you are on the path to retirement, you'll find tips and tools to help you on our New York Retirement News blog. You can also like our Facebook page and follow our Twitter feed for quick tips and updates on a variety of retirement topics and Retirement System news.


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