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What Every Employer Should Know

Your Annual Estimate and Invoice

Every August, we provide you an estimate of your annual contributions for the current State fiscal year. Then, in November, we provide your actual invoice. You are required to pay these contributions by February 1st of the next calendar year. Payments received after February 1st are subject to a 7.5 percent delinquency penalty.

Although your payment is due February 1st, you can choose to pre-pay a discounted amount by December 15th. Both the estimate and the invoice always provide you with the discounted amount.

In the winter of 2012, we rolled out an online application that provides you with immediate access to your February invoice. In the summer of that same year, our online Employer Estimates application also made its debut.

The Annual Invoice application gives you access to your invoice at any time and provides answers to frequently asked questions. You can find projection factors, payment instructions and information on how billing figures are calculated.

Similarly, since we no longer mail estimates, our Annual Estimate application provides you with an estimate of your annual contributions for the current State fiscal year starting in August until your invoice becomes available in November.

To learn more about either of these programs, please be sure to visit our employer online programs page. For other annual contribution questions, contact our Billing Unit at 518-474-9236 or 518-486-3921.