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Employer News

New Consultation Site Schedule Online

The January – June 2015 Consultation Site Schedule Adobe pdf is now available on our website. Be sure to let your employees know about these new dates so they can schedule appointments with us accordingly.

Reporting Requirements for Elected and Appointed Officials

Will you have elected or appointed officials starting a new term in 2015? Make sure they know their responsibilities for recording their time worked — this way, you can ensure they receive the appropriate service credit while in office. Find out more on our Elected and Appointed Officials page.

Overtime Limits for Tier 5 and 6 Members

For calendar year 2014, the overtime limit for ERS Tier 5 members is $16,882.63, while PFRS Tier 5 and 6 members have a cap of 15 percent of their regular salary. The overtime limit for ERS Tier 6 members is based on the State fiscal year and is $15,490 for the fiscal year ending March 31, 2015. Please email our Member & Employer Services Bureau if you have any questions.

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