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Filling Out Registration Forms for New Employees

If you hire ERS Tier 6 or PFRS Tier 3, 5 or 6 members as new employees, you must fill out a membership registration form for them. Even though they may already be NYSLRS members, there is membership data on the forms that we need. For Tier 6 members, we need their annual wage so we can provide you with the correct contribution rate. For PFRS Tier 3 and 5 members, the form helps us determine their correct retirement plan and contribution status. You can find up-to-date versions of the membership registration form on our Forms page.

Reporting Days Worked

The number of days worked that you report for your employees determines their service credit, which is an important part of their pension calculation. You can review how to determine the number of days worked in our Employer Reporting Basics presentation.

You Should know

The Elected and Appointed Officials Reporting (EAOR) program lets you submit the Standard Work Day & Reporting Resolution and Affidavit of Posting online. This program is for non-State employers of elected and appointed officials. If you haven’t already signed up, take a few minutes to learn about the program.

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