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Retirement Adjustment Reporting (RAR)

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You may access the Retirement Adjustment Reporting (RAR) program via RIR. By using RAR, you will be able to submit online adjustments to your employees’ previously reported days worked, salary and contributions.

When Using RAR

  • In most cases, you will no longer have to submit the paper adjustment report form to us.
  • You will report to us how the net days and salary for a particular report period should read.
  • Additional contribution payments can be made the same way you currently make your monthly report payments — electronic debit, wire or check.
  • Remember, negative contribution amounts cannot be accepted through RAR.
  • You can access RAR with the same usernames and passwords for RIR.

How to Use RAR

To use RAR, you must have a specifically formatted file. Use this sample Microsoft Excel Retirement Adjustment Reporting (RAR) file Microsoft Excel as a template when creating your own adjustment file. Do not change the formatting or column widths, just enter your information right over the sample information already in the file. This file may be as long as you need it, and each individual may be entered for as many different months as need adjustment.

Please note: if the file you are sending makes adjustments to the last monthly report you submitted, upon validation, the file will be put “on hold” until we verify that the original monthly report has been posted to your employees’ accounts. Once this posting has been verified, the adjustment file will be released from hold and processed.